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Spyglass Residential Renovation

This existing home was in need of an upgrade with the client looking to open up the kitchen and dining, as well as the staircase, to create a more open plan living space. 

Having purchased this home in 2019 the owner was looking for a major overhaul of all the interior spaces in order to better suit his bachelor lifestyle. The floor plan was boxy and as someone who enjoyed entertaining the focus was on opening up the kitchen and living spaces to make things feel more welcoming. The dividing kitchen wall came down and the wall enclosing the stairs was replaced with sleek railings acting both as structural support and a subtle division of space. Under the stairs custom cabinetry provided for a small laundry and pull-out pantry. A glamorous powder room and a bar nook nestled in the living space complete the look.

The upstairs bathrooms included some delightful upgrades, such as adding a 7 foot walk-in shower and all new white oak cabinets for the primary and revealing a formerly concealed window in the guest bath.


Residential Renovation


Austin, Texas



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