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Apartment Art Gallery

The client wanted to turn their cluttered and dark apartment into a modern living space with an art gallery for displaying local artists' work. 


The complete overhaul included new light wood flooring throughout, gray venetian plaster with white moldings on the walls, and a fresh coat of white paint to brighten the ceilings. The grey walls provide a muted backdrop for displaying art pieces, while new ceiling lights create the right gallery lighting. 

At the entrance a small vestibule was created by adding a large swing door to separate the entrance and powder room from the main living space. The kitchen, originally narrow and enclosed,  was opened up to create a more generous dining and living space, adding a custom-made island that doubles as a display cabinet. One of the most visual improvements in the space was replacing the old staircase with a new one and rotating the angle of the stairs to improve circulation and overall Feng Shui. Finally, rather than having a conventional living room setup the client opted for a mixture of loose furniture that can easily be moved around depending on the needs of the space.


Residential, Art Gallery





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